In 2000 I sat in a college counselor's office filling out paperwork and listing Photography has my college major.  I had no idea how much joy this art would bring to my life, but I would list it again a hundred times over.  I once wrote a blog about how life behind my camera lens is so much about falling in love with the people in front of it.  I've been privileged to capture proposals, births, weddings, birthdays, schools, plays, dancers, funerals, concerts, recitals, children of all ages and families of all stages! 


And you know what?   I fall in love again every. single. time! 

It brings me such joy to capture a piece of

"your own kind of beautiful" 


I'm a mother of 7!  I know crazy, vibrant, full of life and personality kids well!  And I love working with them! 

I will take on any family size with joy and delight! 


I would be delighted to serve you!